Bijit Basumatary

Bijit is one of the pioneers of the organic small tea movement in Assam. In 2007, he began tea cultivation. His garden, Chakrasila, has been named after the wildlife sanctuary that shares a border with his farm. Bijit was keen on organic farming as he felt a great obligation towards maintaining the ecological balance of the land. The Chakrsila wildlife sanctuary brought a daily reminder of how pesticides and chemicals have a far reaching impact on the flora and fauna of the place. In the years that he has been farming, Bijit says, he has noticed a significant difference in the soil health, in the plant health and also in how pests can be managed naturally. He makes his own organic fertilizer and composts extensively. Bijit processes his green leaf on a small facility he has set up on his tea farm.


We chose Chakrashila for the quality of teas they produce. They are made by Bijit and his wife, with a small team of local people. Their teas carry the deep flavours of the land, of its plants and animals.


“When you buy from us, you get teas that are fresh, clean and safe for you while supporting our livelihood.” Bijit Basumatary