Our Story

Ésah was started as a homegrown brand from Assam to showcase the best teas grown and made here.


What has been a source of motivation is that Assam produces the highest volume of tea from a single state anywhere in the world. It’s believed that every black tea blend sold in the world has a little of Assam in it. And yet, the finest Assam whole leaf teas are not easily accessed by tea lovers. The whole leaf teas have been overshadowed by the CTC style or Crush Tea Curl which was introduced in the 1950s and can produce tea at scale.


Also, in recent years, Assam has seen a massive growth of the small tea grower community. Today, they account for nearly half the annual production from the region. The small tea growers have brought the possibility of change in how we grow and make our teas. The more progressive small farmers have chosen organic tea cultivation. Many have realised that the artisanal style of tea making allowed them to experiment with the leaf and produce a tea that is unique and flavourful. Because the scale of production is small, there is a lot of attention given to using hands, infusing craftsmanship, with techniques learned from Chinese and Taiwanese styles of tea making.


Our response to these developments was Ésah. We see ourselves as a platform for the organically grown, carefully made whole leaf teas, from not just Assam where we are based but from across India, where similar attempts are being pursued. We bridge consumers who are particular about their teas and its source, with people who are particular about the teas they make and sell.


We have an incredibly interesting range of black teas. In addition, our farmers also produce green teas (pan-fried and steamed), white and oolong teas. Esah’s signature blends are made using our organic teas and ingredients sourced from certified organic suppliers. Our range of blends includes fruit blends, spice blends, floral teas, chai and tisanes.


When you choose Ésah, you are supporting a positive change in tea’s supply chain, where farmers are paid higher prices for better quality. We work directly with every farmer offering them inputs on the tea making styles and the quality we seek. This ongoing dialogue between us and our farmers ensures that every batch of tea we buy and sell is made to the most exact specifications we give them, that we know is good enough for discerning customers.


The Ésah team is made up young professionals from Assam, who have chosen to work here rather than migrate to other places in search of work, as has been the norm. We take this responsibility very seriously and are invested in offering Assamese youth an opportunity to work for a global brand while helping revitalize the tea industry.