About Us

Ésah Tea is a brand devoted to giving you the ultimate tea experience. We believe that joy and warmth can be shared in many forms but is the best when shared with a cup of tea. Our tea is made with absolute care and honesty by the best growers in Assam who believe in only giving the best.

Our tea is the perfect harmony of aesthetics, flavour, complexity and health. Our mission to give you the best tea experience in a result of the respect we have for the art and craft of tea making and its culture. Directly from the tea gardens of Assam, from the most authentic growers with a finesse in cultivation of tea, our mission is to give you the best experience. We care about our environment and believe in sustainable and ethical extraction and production. Our initiative to switch to plastic-free tea bags is a result of adopting sustainability as an ethic. 

Our brand is incomplete without our growers. They are the most valuable part of our brand and our team of growers have years of expertise in the field of tea cultivation. Our loyalty to provide the best organic and flavourful tea in the most ethical way is a collective dream and the motto of our brand. Our tea will give you the perfect experience and will leave you asking for more!