Discover the Unique Flavors and Features of Esah Tea's New Cotton Tea Bags Collection

At Esah Tea, we believe in offering surprising tea experiences to those who prioritize their health. Our teas provide not only health benefits but also exceptional taste and texture, delivering freshly aromatic tea from the plantations directly to your cup. We are proud to introduce the world's first microplastic-free cotton tea bags, containing only young, handcrafted, and organic tea leaves from Assam. These tea bags are biodegradable and contribute to both human and environmental health.

Exciting New Flavors

To enhance your tea enjoyment, Esah Tea proudly introduces our latest collection of microplastic-free cotton tea bags. These nitrogen-flushed, plastic-free, biodegradable pyramid bags allow the tea leaves to unfurl evenly, preserving their nutrients and maintaining their essence and flavor. Discover our range of delightful flavors below; 

  • Organic Honey Lemon Green Tea: A refreshing blend with a hint of sweetness.
  • Organic Blue Tea Bag: Exotic and full of flavor.
  • Organic Assam Breakfast Teabag: A robust start to your day.
  • Organic Peach Blue Teabag: Fruity and aromatic.
  • Organic Lychee Black Tea Bags: Sweet and bold.
  • Organic Chamomile Green Tea Bag: Calming and soothing.
  • Organic Peach Green Tea Bag: A delightful mix of peach and green tea.
  • Organic Black Tea Bag: Classic and strong.
  • Organic Exotic Green Tea Bag: A unique blend of green tea flavors.
  • Organic Peach Black Tea Bag: A perfect combination of peach and black tea.
  • Organic Handmade Black Teabag: Traditional and rich.

Features of Esah Tea’s New Cotton Tea Bags Collection:

  • Microplastic-Free: Our tea bags are made entirely of pure, organic cotton, eliminating any microplastics.
  • Young Tea Leaves: Each tea bag contains young tea leaves, offering more antioxidants and lower caffeine content for health benefits.
  • 100% Handcrafted: We use organic and chemical-free materials to craft our Assam Chai.
  • Biodegradable and Organic: Our cotton tea bags are completely biodegradable, promoting a pollution-free lifestyle and benefiting the environment.

At Esah Tea, we are dedicated to providing organic and plastic-free tea options. Our microplastic-free cotton tea bags are designed to transform your tea experience. Whether you're enjoying a cup of Organic Honey Lemon Green Tea or Organic Peach Black Tea, you can be assured of a sustainable, health-focused, and flavor-rich experience.

Experience the difference with Esah Tea’s new cotton tea bags collection and join us in promoting a healthier lifestyle for both you and the planet.

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