Upgrade your beverage with ESAH organic cotton tea bags and say goodbye to microplastics.

Tea is a well-known cure for Indian families and Ésah Tea India believes in saving your family and the environment by using zero plastic and providing a pure, organic, and chemical-free tea experience. Unfortunately, the bulk of tea businesses sell mesh tea bags that include 20-30% plastic and each refreshing cup of tea contains millions of micro and nano plastics. 

According to MC Gill University research, One ordinary tea bag releases 11.6 billion microplastics and 3.1 billion nano plastics into your cup of tea. Plastic teabags also release billions of microparticles and nanoparticles into your beverages, according to researchers Laura M. Hernandez, Elvis Genbo Xu, Hans C. E. Larsson, Rui Tahara, Vimal B. Maisuria, and Nathalie Tufenkji, who published their findings in Environmental Science & Technology DOI. 

Are plastic Tea bags harmful? If so, why?

Though green or black tea is a popular beverage, it may not be the healthiest option because there are several risks associated with its consumption if you are not aware. 

  1. According to recent studies, tea bags are made of nylon or PET, so when we pour hot water into the cup of tea, billions of microplastics are released, causing health issues. 
  2. It is also sealed with aluminum compounds to lengthen the shelf life of teas, which have been connected to neurotoxicity and Alzheimer's disease. 
  3. Some organizations utilize Epichlorohydrin (a carcinogen) to increase the moist strength of teabags, which can have negative health consequences.
  4. Most brands sell tea dust, which has lower-grade leaves with poor antioxidant value and greater caffeine levels.
  5. Some tea bags include a combination of cellulose and PLA, which is neither biodegradable and harms the environment.

Why to choose ESAH Organic Cotton Tea bags?

At ESAH Tea, we provide microplastic and nano plastic-free cotton teabags because we believe they will transform the tea experience. We are delighted to offer eco-friendly and digestible Cotton tea bags, which contribute to a cleaner environment. Here are some vital features of Ésah Tea India Organic Cotton tea bags:

  • There is no microplastic because it is entirely comprised of pure, organic cotton. 
  • It contains solely young tea leaves, providing health advantages and more antioxidants with a lower caffeine content. 
  • We are 100% handcrafted and serve Assam Chai using organic and chemical-free materials.
  • Cotton tea bags are completely biodegradable and organic, which benefits the environment by promoting a pollution-free lifestyle.

Despite the various health benefits of green and black tea, using tea bags can be harmful and offer a number of risks. For optimal health benefits, eliminate plastic tea bags and replace them with Ésah Tea Organic Cotton tea bags. This strikes a balance between enjoying your favorite beverages and minimizing harmful effects by remaining aware and updated.


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