These Cold Brews be Your New Hot!

Cool, fresh flavored tea with your favorite brand is simple to make from scratch and you can serve it to guests or drink it all yourself!
Iced tea is perhaps the perfect, most refreshing, and hydrating beverage for summers. You can easily make it with ingredients readily available in your home. There are several health benefits of tea and iced tea apart from cooling you down during the summer heat.
How to Brew the Perfect Iced Tea
Here, we will guide you exactly how you can make ice tea by brewing the perfect iced tea for yourself and your loved ones. But before we get into ice tea recipes, let's look at the different ways you can make ice tea beverages.
You can make ice tea using these three methods:
Cold Brew
The cold brew method takes the most time. To make iced tea with this method, you have to slowly brew the loose leaf teas in a refrigerator for at least 2 to 6 hours before you can use the brew to make ice tea beverages. But it is the easiest way to brew the tea, just add tea leaves to the jug full of water and store it in the refrigerator for few hours.
Hot Brew
The hot brew method is the most popular one. To make iced tea using this method, brew tea normally using hot water. First, let the brew cool to room temperature and then place it in a refrigerator for few hours. Add ice before serving for extra chill.
Ice Chilled
This method is the fastest and also our favorite for making ice tea. Brew hot tea normally and add plenty of ice for an instant, fresh serving of iced tea.
So, how to make iced tea? We recommend both hot brew iced tea and ice-chilled ice tea. However, you will first need to brew some hot tea for either method perfectly.
Here's What You'll Need:
Loose leaf tea/ Teabag: You can make iced tea with your favorite flavored teas. You can try different iced tea recipes using this method, with Ésah’s Lychee Black Tea, Peach Black Tea, or Peach Blue Tea.
Honey: Honey is optional for sweetening your iced tea.
Lemon: Another optional addition is lemon juice to make your iced tea more zesty and exciting
Mint Leaves: A few mint leaves are also optional but highly recommended for garnishing, as they make any iced tea more refreshing and healthy.
If you want to use the ice-chilled method, add the chilled ice immediately after you strain the brew and then mix your preferred ingredients for taste. You may also add fresh ice to the serving glasses or cups.

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