Why did we decide to go for organic, pure cotton teabags?

The origin of the modern tea bag dates back to the 20th century when a tea importer from New York named Thomas Sullivan (accidentally) invented the tea bag. Sullivan used to ship his samples in metal tin. But soon he found that these tins were quite expensive and to cut short the costs, he decided to send his samples out in small hand-sewn silk muslin bags.

In the teabag realm, every other existing teabag has its own story to tell. And so, following the vogue, Ésah brings to the people the story of their tea bags. Ésah’s tea bags are as organic as Ésah itself’ is the idea we promulgate; and to deliver our promise of being 100% organic, we use organic cotton tea bags. A better way to keep yourself away from deadly diseases is to dunk organic teabags into your tea. Our community believes in producing cotton teabags which is in harmony with our principle of keeping people healthy and at the same time, maintaining the balance in the ecosystem while delivering the best tea to the tea lovers worldwide.

What makes Ésah tea bags unique?

Other teabags during the steeping process are known to restrict the amount of room that tea leaves have, failing to exude the essence, flavor and nutrients, making the tea go tasteless and unhealthy. However, Ésah’s cotton teabags provide enough room to the leaves to unfurl evenly, guaranteeing the goodness of the nutrients and keeping the essence and flavor intact.

Secondly, the non-organic teabags are mostly made of plastics which release toxic chemicals while brewing, inviting the deadly diseases attacking the individual’s body. Once these plastics are exposed to heat, the chemicals leach out of the bag and eventually into the tea. This deteriorates the health of those who drink it to a great extent.

On the other hand, Ésah’s tea bags are perfect to brew even at high temperatures for it is 100% non-toxic as no plastics and chemicals are used.

Popular filter paper tea bags are made using a compound known as Epichlorohydrin which is used to produce epoxy resins, and the pyramid-shaped tea bags are made out of nylon; and to put something like that in tea would be a wonky choice as that would pose great threats to your health.

They are also non-biodegradable meaning they pose a greater threat to the environment as well. But our cotton teabags are fully biodegradable and non-genetically modified. So, once you are done with our tea bags, you can dispose them, with peace of mind, knowing you are not contributing to the pollutants which are already affecting nature. (Hence, Ésah also brings to you a guilt-free cup of tea!)

Our zealous and happy workers keep track of the tea leaves, the soil where they are grown, the date at which they are harvested and the way the leaves are crafted. Hence, the flavor is not extracted after one steeping. The use of pure organic cotton as packaging material thus add to the natural preservation process that ensures a fresh of cup of tea for you, whenever and wherever you are.

The Natural Process

We aim for a fit and healthy tomorrow which is why our community of workers (which is composed of mostly women) uses fresh, organic local produce. And thus, we stick to the traditional methods to keep the purity factor unblemished. And that is where the magic happens.

These leaves, nurtured in nature’s lap, are treated with utmost care by our village women and other workers. The leaves are left unblended; to retain the freshness and the nutrients, the tea leaves are washed and steamed meticulously before they are bagged. This process helps in preserving our product without losing its purity and flavor.

The Importance of Organic Cotton

We believe that we are doing our part in helping and encouraging our farmers to grow more organic cotton. Organic cotton is usually grown from non-genetically modified plants, thus lessening the impact on our environment. These crops are not treated with pesticides, insecticides or any chemical fertilizers and this replenishes and maintains the fertility of the soil. Subtracting these toxins also protects the farmers, the tea drinkers, and the entire eco-system.

For Ésah, your value is sacrosanct and this is why our community aims at working zealously with the promise to maintain organic and traditional values.

And to preserve this purity of our leaves and teabags, you and the world, we provide the best to you.

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