Green tea has its fair share of popularity. It is known for its plethora of benefits. It is also the super-tea among the herd of teas. Green tea has been consumed in various parts from all over the world. Over the years green tea has grown popular for its effect on our holistic health. The production of green tea has grown over the years and India is one among the best producers of green tea with the leaves cultivated from the lands of Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and Darjeeling.


The taste of green tea is a result of two factors. The quality of the leaves and the temperature of the water. A good cup of green tea has a soft, meadowy, fresh taste with hints of vegetal notes. It is the perfect balance of astringent and lightness. If the green tea tastes bitter then it might be the leaves or the temperature of the water that is not right.

Green tea contains a compound called catechins which when extracted for a longer time, leaves the green tea bitter. These catechins are also crucial and beneficial for your body and is a good antioxidant. In order to enjoy the original taste of green tea, the brewing process must be precise.  Our Collection of rare green tea from Arunachal Pradesh is a perfect green tea for tea lovers without bitterness, click here to learn more Mouling High-Grown Organic Exotic Green Tea


Green tea is known to have medicinal properties and a wide range of benefits. 

It is believed that green tea helps in controlling insulin levels, helping with cholesterol and balancing the blood pressure. Green tea is rich in polyphenols and catechins which reduce inflammation and helps in protecting our cells. The antioxidants help with lowering the risk of cancer. It also helps in maintaining oral health. 

From calming effects to its medicinal properties, the benefits of drinking tea are numerous. Although green tea causing weight loss is a myth, it helps with cutting out unwanted sugar consumption and can be a light beverage. 

Along with the multiple benefits of green tea that impacts your health, it is also a perfect substitute for a hint of caffeine in your everyday life. Green tea contains a less amount of caffeine which can help you to switch to a healthier option. It also a very light beverage that can be had at any time during the day to give you a kick of stimulation.



There are two popular styles to brew green tea - western and traditional. The two styles extract two different flavours of green tea. 


WESTERN STYLE - The low leaves to water ratio with the long steeping time is perfect for brewing large quantities of tea. The strong and woody taste of the tea leaves is infused giving a bitter and dark taste. 


JAPANESE STYLE- This style involves using less water and less steeping time to extract the flower, meadowy and sweet taste of the green tea leaves. If you love a light drink to elevate your mood then this might be your style. 


Brewing green tea can yield different tastes with different procedures but the choice is yours. If you are a lover of heavy, woody tea, brewing your green tea leaves in Western-style will be your go-to process.

If you are a sucker for fresh and sweet tea then brewing the tea leaves in the traditional Japanese method might be your saviour.


 Making green tea is an extremely easy process and only takes two minutes for the perfect meadowy and light brew. Dipping the tea bags in a hot cup of water at 80 degrees celsius will allow the extraction of necessary catechins and optimum flavour of the tea leaves to ooze out in the water. To zest up your green tea, add a bit of honey or lemon.

Can you add milk to green tea? Adding milk to green tea for the suitability of your taste can strip off the natural properties and benefits of green tea. But if you prefer milk with your tea then milk is also an option to zest your tea! 

Ésah’s Organic Exotic Green Teabag comes in bags made of cloth which is a healthy and sustainable substitute for plastic tea bags. Drinking the light, floral green tea during the early hours of your day will give you the energy to take on your day keeping you healthy and energised! 

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